Happy Feet Cat Sitting

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Your Pet Sitter for the University Place, WA area!

Welcome! Happy Feet Cat Sitting was created to meet the growing needs of our community for affordable and dependable cat care. Most kitties would much rather stay in the comfort of their home and familiar surroundings, and that's where I come in!

  • Daily, twice daily, or every other day care
  • Food, fresh water, and treats...catnip too for those who indulge!
  • LOTS of lovin'and playtime!
  • Brushing if kitty enjoys it
  • Litter box scooping every visit
  • Any necessary medications
  • Mail in, trash out, lights/ blinds and home security check
  • Plant watering, refill bird feeders


Once a day visits are approx. 20-40 minutes and are $25.00 per visit.

Twice a day visits are $44.00 daily.

Multiple cats (over 4) or special needs kitties may require a bit more time, so we can customize the time and fees accordingly.

Skilled in sub q fluids and insulin injections... Diabetic cats must be stable.

Loving Care In Your Own Home!

Serving University Place, Fircrest, and W Tacoma

Licensed and Insured

Certified in Pet First Aid with the Red Cross

Member of Professional United Pet Sitters

References happily provided!



My name is Sue Chartrey, and I have owned and operated PetSitPlus Pet Sitting for the last 12 years. Since about 80% of my clientele are cat people, the time is right to make the switch to just cats! Have other small critters too? No worries... they will happily be provided for as well, even chickens!

I have over 30 years of experience with animals as a pet guardian, Vet Asst and Animal Care Tech, and have provided foster care for over 200 underweight kittens for the Humane Society. Big fan of Jackson Galaxy... this guy knows his cats!

My husband and I reside in University Place with our two pugs, two cats, a Box turtle, two tanks of fish, outdoor pond, and 6 lovely hens.

Meet n Greets usually last about 45 minutes, where I can meet the kitties, fill out paperwork and you can show me around. Please have two working house keys... they will be kept in a lock box.

Give me a call at 253-224-1327